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Product Configuration Grouping & UI Improvements

Nicholas Sansom shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I think it would be extremely beneficial and helpful for numerous companies and quite advantages for us to have the ability to make "Configurable Options Groups" a bit cleaner than the current layout and format, my idea is that we have the same ability to list and lay out the options as we do in the "Products/Services" section of WHMCS.

This would be extremely handy for any company that uses multiple configuration options, especially when grouping these together; for example Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Game Servers, Voice Servers and Web Hosting.

By allowing us to properly group these option would provide a cleaner, more in line and defined vision of the configurable options. Especially when searching for something specific. An example of how this would look can be seen below:

Grup Name: Dedicated Servers

Configurable Option: E3-1230v3 - Auto Provisioning

Group Name: Additional Support

Configurable Option: Standard Support

Configurable Option: Managed Support

Along with this idea would be the ability to move these groups and order them, much like we can in the "Products/Services" area. I hope others can see the benefit from this feature request/idea/suggestion.

If anyone else has any other input please coment it below.