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Preview new recurring price on upgrade

André Gobatto shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Currently, during an upgrade the customer only sees the amount he will pay at the moment (proportional value).

But in the next cycle, what will be the total value? The customer must be able to view before upgrading the new value that he will pay periodically if he makes such an upgrade.

A custom hook could be used to calculate this, but it would have to recalculate everything: configurable options, addons, promotions ... I imagine whmcs should/can display this more easily for us.

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Hi André,

Thanks for your suggestion.

At present the recurring amount is displayed on the previous step when selecting the new product.


The previous step shows only the price related to the service or configurable option being upgraded.

For example, a customer pays $1000 annually ($300 for the service + $700 for addons/configurable options/...).

Let's say it will change to monthly (300/12 = 25). At the dropdown he will see $25 monthly, but at no time does he see that his new recurring amount will be $725 (assuming the additionals are independent of periodicity).

The total value of $725 is more important to the customer than the individual value of the $25 upgrade.

It is this value ($725) that I suggested would be interesting to show to the customer in the order summary step.