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Per User Available Downloads Box in UI

Andrea Iannucci shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

It would be nice if a user can have a box where he can directly see and downloads all the documents (files in general) assigned to him in the homepage of his profile without the needs to go in a specitic section.

The admin, while creating the boxes (that apply to all user, or maybe even package/service related) can be related to a specific download category.

Example, all the contracts related to the user in a specific box called "Contract" which simply start the document download on click and it is visible in the user UI.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Client Files are displayed in a widget on the client area homepage (see attached).

Are you perhaps referring to a different kind of file? Maybe a download associated with a product?


Hi John,

thanks for your reply and for pointig me to that widget.

What i would like to achieve is to have a widget where I can specify what "category" to show.

For intance, if I don't you the integrated Invoice system I will have to upload the invoice to the user in a per-user folder called "Invoices" (or whatever), I would like to be able to have a widget on each user page that can be activated on a specific download category.

This is also valid if I want the user to have their contract in a quick visible way, calilng the cateogory "contact" and have a new widget that show only the files that match that category for thast specifc user.

Hope it clarify :)

PS. Download associated with your products sounds nice too :D