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Per-service addons and upgrade options on client portal

Gary Hall shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Rather than show a big, ugly list of addons avaliable in one big useless place (my services > available addons menu) show them as prominent links within each active service panel themselves, with name, description, price and "BUY NOW" or "ADD NOW" button.

This will make addons and upgrades much clearer and easier to upsell to customers. MORE REVENUE!

So for a hosting package you might show SSL upgrades, Sitelock and any manual addons available to purchase as a list, ideally directly within the main window too so as not to need to click into "Service Addons" link. Currently the Addons tab displays nothing but a link to the list of all-services qualifying addons and without any marketplace addons.

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Thanks for your suggestion. MarketConnect services will automatically display upsell messages on the service details page when that option is enabled on a per-service basis.

Would you like the ability to do something similar for your own product addons?


Yes please. Not in "advert" style like they are with marketconnect (which works well btw), just in list format with addon-name, description and price - perhaps with some template options on how to display them (boxes, 1 colunm list, 2 columb list etc). These could then include the marketconnect options as they are still applicable options but also any of our own addons.