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PayPal Subscriptions for Domain Registration/Renewals

theProduct shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

We, like many, have clients who have multiple domains. These domains have varying renewal dates, and they don't all have products directly associated with them.

Our payments are managed by PayPal, and we've been trying wherever possible to ensure that as many of our clients recurring products/services are managed via Automatic Subscription - yet for some reason WHMCS does not consider a domain to be a recurring product for PayPal subscriptions.

This is a crazy oversight and correcting this has been a feature request for nearly FIVE YEARS (http://forum.whmcs.com/archive/index.php/t-12626.html).

PLEASE - give us the option of enabling PayPal Subscriptions for domain registrations/renewals.

It's a simple process that resolves a long standing hindrance, even if it is nearly half a decade late.

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Check it out - this will give you a hand with the issues you seem to be facing :)

Welcome to the coolest Paypal gateway for WHMCS! No more dealing with subscriptions!



The problem is that domains can be renewed at any time, and clients often forget they have PayPal Subscriptions in place to automatically pay things. So what is likely to happen is the client receives the upcoming domain expiry notice, logs in to the client area and places a manual domain renewal making a one-time payment. A few weeks later, the PayPal Subscription sends the renewal payment on the expiry date of the domain.

The client thinks you've overcharged them, and it creates more administration work as you refund the subscription payment and remove the credit.


I would rather have that problem then where their domain lapses because they can't make a recurring payment for the renewals.