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paypal / payflow advanced fraud protection filters

javierrebelde shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

WHMCS payflow pro payment gateway doe snot provide enough protection, is not compatible with

payflow advanced fraud protection filters

WHMCS only send to paypal:

  • Invoice ID
  • User ID
  • Amount
  • IAVS

From this information only

  • IAVS

is used to filter transactions and avoid fraud and chargebacks.

Paypal provide payflow advanced fraud protection filters that can filter things like ip location and matched with credit card address and much more like:

International Order Filters

  • International Shipping/Billing Address
  • International IP Address
  • International AVS
  • Country Risk List Match

High-Risk Address Filters

  • Zip Risk List Match
  • Freight Forwarder Match
  • IP Address Velocity
  • IP Address Velocity Ignore List
  • USPS Address Validation Failure
  • IP Address Risk List Match
  • Email Service Provider Risk List Match
  • Geo-Location Failure

Auto Acceptance Filters

  • Total Purchase Price Floor
  • Good Lists
  • Good Account Listt
  • Good Email List

Unusual Order Filters

  • Total Purchase Price Ceiling
  • Total Item Ceiling
  • Shipping/Billing Mi

High-Risk Customer Filters

  • Bad Lists
  • Bad Account List
  • Bad Email List

High-Risk Payment Filters

  • AVS Failure
  • CSC Failure
  • BIN Risk List Match
  • Account Number Velocity

These are all the Filters options provided by payflow advanced fraud protection filters BUT WHMCS payflow paymentgateway does not support all this features.Please like this Feature so WHMCS developers add more support to WHMCS payflow paymentgateway so we have more ways to filters transactions and avoid fraud and chargebacks.