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Payment Gateway Module for Google Wallet

Todd shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Request is simple. We want Google Wallet Integration.

There was a previous request made here: https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/we-need-a-new-payment-module-for-the-new-google-digital-merchants-wallet-affective-nov-20-of-this-year

The above request was denied based on the following:

"Google Wallet only allows offering for digital goods. They currently

classify Web Hosting as a physical good, thus using Google Wallet for

the sale of Web Hosting would be against their terms of service."

Per Google's TOC for Wallet this is not the case at all and the above statement is based on Google Checkout which is not longer in existence.

Please see acceptable goods list for Google Wallet: https://support.google.com/wallet/business/answer/75724?rd=1


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I doubt WHMCS will do this if they believe that it will go against their ToS - however +1 from me as I think it should be made as it's not only hosting providers that use the software.


Gooogle wallet is for the sale of anything, including physical goods. When you sign up for a wallet merchant account you can choose from the drop down what you are selling, available are services (web hosting), boats, agriculture, shoes, food, tools, and everything else. The change to wallet from checkout is simply because Google wanted to integrate the services into wallet instead of having 2 separate services. So Chris hasn't a clue and WHMCS is dropping the ball here big time. I contacted Google and they said "Digital Goods" for wallet is anything sold through the Internet. Shame on WHMCS for abandoning their clients, time to find a new solution that supports their customers.