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Password Protect or Encrypt the database backup

Hostyournet shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


I would like to request that the daily backup that the WHMCS program creates needs to be able to password protect or Encrypt that information inside so that none from the outside of the company/hackers are able to see the information that is in transit or stored on a remote server.

At this moment in time i have to manually password protect/encrypt the backup when its done and then remove all known copies of the non protect file as the below link hints towards having Personal data protected.


Its just really time comsuming to sit and password protect a file that created every day and then go hunt for it on the server to remove the encrypted version.

I was encouraged to post this idea here by your support staff when i asked the question to them.

"I took a look at our Feature Request site and this type of feature hasn't been requested by any other users"