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Option to override the "Send To Register" function on a received payment

jvkranenburg shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Sometimes a customer contact us a payment is a view days later. No problem, glad they take the trouble to contact us.

We renew the invoiced domains manually. But when the invoice is paid after a view days, the domains are renewed again. So finally they are renewed for 2 years in stead of 1.

An option to override the automatic "Send To Register" function can solve this problem. Even as an option to do not automaticly "Send To Register" paid overdue invoices.

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Thanks for taking the time to submit this idea and for the votes so far. At present this can be done manually by breaking the link between the invoice and the domain: http://docs.whmcs.com/Domains_Management#Manually_Registering.2FRenewing_a_Domain

On what scale do you see this option used and where do you foresee this option being placed in the UI? For example; would it be per-order and placed on the order details page, or per-domain and therefore better placed on the client's Domains tab?