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Option to immediately backup a single hosting account via WHM to the designated backup location

Ross Gerring shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

It's all there in the title. :-)

Within WHM I'd like the option to select a single account to backup immediately to the default backup directory.

Yes, I know I can already backup a single account when logged into the cPanel, but

1. That's relatively cumbersome compared with doing it inside WHM

2. In any case, I want the backup to go to the default backup directly, and I don't think the existing cPanel backup option permits this. And it would be a bad idea to allow this via cPanel because otherwise a site owner with cPanel access could (if they really wanted to) initiate multiple backups in a short period of time to the default backup directory.

Additionally, this backup should

1. *Not* overwrite any existing backups in the default backup directory.

2. Should ideally be available via WHM's Backup Restore to be restored, just like any other backups for that account that are stored there. I recognise this would mean a situation where there are multiple backups available to be restored from the same day.

Why do I ask for this?

A few Wordpress sites have recently been hacked on a server of ours. Step #1 of our best practice approach to this is to take a full backup of the hacked site. This serves two purposes:

1. "Evidence" of the hack (which would otherwise be overwritten with a restore from backups)

2. If the site is a high transactions site, then restoring from the most recent non-hacked backup might overwrite lots of transactions which the site owner would like to see.

Thanks for your consideration.

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A related WHM feature I'd also like to see is the ability to make a copy of an existing backup stored at the default backup location, but still stored at the existing backup location.

Reason: let's say I'm making a daily, weekly, and monthly backup but only retaining 1 copy of each. If a site gets hacked during the say, then I immediately should take a copy of the most recent (good) daily backup so that there's no risk of the hacked site overwriting the most recent (good) daily backup. Or rather it can overwrite it... but it's not a problem because I have a duplicate copy of it.

I recognise that what I'm asking for can already be achieved by a suitably technical person via the CLI. So it's just about giving more power to do non-controversial things to WHM users via the more friendly, accessible web WHM interface.