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Option to enable/disable Security Question/Answer Fields in Order Form

Oudin Samuel shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration


I have discovered through visually monitoring my users interaction during the order process that the Question/Answer Fields in Order the Form often is a hindrance and leads to cart abandonment.

This fields should not be required during the order process as it lengthens the order process, makes it more tedious and is prone to users either leaving it out or making mistakes, then opting out of completing the order altogether. Based on best UI/UX practices the ordering process should be as short and easy as possible with users only presented with form field that are absolutely necessary to perform the required transactions. Keeping form fields to the minimum enhances customer experience thus increasing sales and conversion rates

This fields add does not value (not necessary) for ordering any product. Thus customer can answer these questions after they have created their account and logged in.

I would like to request an option in the admin to disable Security Question/Answer Fields in the Order Form.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

At present to remove security questions from the order form it would be necessary to delete them via the Setup > Other > Security Questions. Without security questions configured, users will not be required to provide answers on the order form.

Are you perhaps proposing a workflow to keep security questions but only prompt users to answer them later, eg. on first login?

If so, what kind of workflow are you imagining?


Yes, To simplify the order form and make the process quicker I am proposing to remove the security questions from the order form but keep security questions in the back-end and only prompt users to answer them later, eg. on first login.

To secure your account:

1. Verify your email

2. Add security questions