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Option for display all prices with taxes

Pascal shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

In Germany (and many other countries of the EU) prices for private customers must always displayed including taxes.

If you use the Exclusive Tax Type all prices (which is the only right option for us here) in WHMCS are displayed without tax which is wrong. In cart and on invoices tax is seperately added which is correct.

So I wish WHMCS could add an option to display prices on the site (Domain Checker, Product Listing etc.) with tax added.

This is very important to us.

Related ticket: #KVQ-335034

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There should also be a toggle switch in the frondend so that users can choose if they want to view these areas prices with, or without taxes.

You can see it in action at the bottom right of this hosting providers webpage (right above the payment icons): https://www.loopia.com

This is a standard function in regular e-commerce sites.


We are a Dutch company also in need of this 'toggle switch'.

Hopefully this is stil under consideration!


I also would like to possibility to enter prices within the adminarea excluding tax (as that's the way I buy them), and then the option to be able to show them including tax in the domain pricing matrix.