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Open New Ticket - Checkbox to sent alert to all contacts on account

Bruno de Lima Costa shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration


When I will create a new ticket on WHMCS, today the main contact receive the alert and I can select additional contacts on a dropbox and have a CC field to more emails but, many times, the account have 5 or more contacts and I lost time typing the emails on CC field. My suggest is create a checkbox where will include all contacts of account to received the alert that one new ticket is created on WHMCS.

Thank you!

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We had a similar feature request which was declined due to this one already being open.

Our suggest was simply to allow check boxes to add additional CC's during the ticket creation process, not all the contacts as this feature seems to be seeking.



This is something you already can do.

When you select a contact you can mark under Email Notifications the Support option - this will add this contact to all support ticket replies.