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Notes image "status colors" or "snippet of text" if a Note has been added to Task

Jeffrey Ranshaw shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently, you have no idea if a note has been added to a task unless you click each one to see.

It would be nice if the note image would change to a blue or green color to show that a note is available to be seen.

Or even show a snippet of about 10 characters of the note added to show there is a note.

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I would like to see this systemwide. Everyplace there is a "Notes" tab the tab should change color / highlight / something to show there is information on that screen and you should click it to see what it is.

I was going through invoices today and something didn't make sense, so I had to click through every different invoice's "notes" tab until I found the one that had the explanation. Frustrating.