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Not separate invoicing for a product's addon when separate invoices are selected

Mark Krieger shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I would love to be able to allowSeparate InvoicesSeparate Invoices for Servicesbut leave the addons on the invoices of the products/services they actually belong to.

Configurable options are different than addons but addons still belong to a product.

An example directly from the WHMCS documentation for addons: "a dedicated IP might be billed annually regardless of the package cycle". I still would like the client to see what package that IP as actually attached to if it renews on the same day.

Addons also allow different tax and they don't show on invoices if they are not purchased - which may be desired in some cases.

Please add the option to keep addons with their products/services when separate invoices for products services are selected.