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Nominet domain registration improvements.

Chris shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

The current WHMCS registration form for Nominet Domains is very basic and needs improvement...

Registrant Types.

A number of registrant types are missing. You can see the full list Here. The SCH registrant type doesn't apply because .sch.uk domains can only be registered by Nominet themselves.

The following registered business types are currently supported by WHMCS...

LTD - Limited Company.

PLC - Public limited Company.

LLP - Limited Liability Partnership.

The following registered business type is currently not supported and should be.

IP - UK Industrial/Provident Registered Company.

The above four types require an entry in the company registration number field, with the addition of RCHAR - Registered Charity Where the registered charity number must be entered.

Those five registrant types are the only ones that require an entry in the "co-no" field.

So an important point must be made here. Currently, WHMCS allows you to enter a company number for any registrant type. It also allows you to leave the field empty for the above. This must cause a great many failed domain registrations. If you specify a company/charity number for any registrant type other than the above five, the registration will fail. If you choose any of the registrant types above and do not specify a company number, the registration will fail.

Something must be done!


The "company registration number" field (Nominet field "co-no") should only be available when one of the above registrant types is selected, in which case it becomes mandatory. The field should not be displayed when any other registrant type is chosen. Further to this, the language entry should reflect "Registered Company / Charity no."

The following Individual registrant types are currently supported...

IND - Individual

STRA - Sole Trader

The following Indivdual registrant type is currently not supported and should be added...

FIND - Foreign Individual

IND and FIND require only the registrant's full name to be provided. STRA requires that a "Trading As" (trad-name) field be added but only filled out if applicable, so should not be mandatory.

Should the partnership registrant type PTNR be selected, there are three entry fileds here that should be combined to make up the Nominet 'account name' field. A partnership always consists of at least two people and both must be entered - so the proposal here is to have a separate field for each the first two partners and a check box "This partnership has more than two partners" that when selected adds the text "and others". This is in accordance with the Nominet guidelines. The output of this would result in "John Doe John Smith and others". It is cleaner to have two separate name fields - otherwise the customer could end up putting all sorts of rubbish in the box and it would need a long list of instructions.

There are three further registrant types that are not currently supported and should be...

FCORP - Foreign Coroporation. This only requires a standard entry in the account-name field in the same way as IND.

OTHER - Other UK Entity. Clubs or associations - again, its the same as IND

FOTHER - Other non UK Entity. Same as above.

WHOIS Opt Out.

The "whois opt out" option is currently only available in WHMCS for .co.uk domains. This should be extended to .me.uk and .org.uk domains also.

A further point to make on the above, is that the opt out option should only be available to the registration types "Individual" (IND) and "Foreign individual" (FIND)

So the following points are appropriate to the above issue...

1. The whois opt out field should only be displayed when IND or FIND are selected as the registrant type.

2. The whois opt out option should be available for .co.uk .me.uk and .org.uk domains.

So the requirements are (with some repetition)...

1. All domains require the Nominet field "account-name" to be filled out.

2. Where PTNR is selected, Three additional input fields are required, which will combine into "account-name" when submitted. The first two partner name fields must be mandatory when this registrant type is selected.

3. Where LTD LLP IP PLC or RCHAR are selected, one additional input field is required (nominet field "co-no") which is the registered charity / company number field and is mandatory for these registrant types.

4. Where STRA is selected, an additional input field is required (Nominet field 'trad-name') but this will not be mandatory.

5. Where IND FIND FCORP OTHER and FOTHER are selected, only the "account-name" field should be displayed apart from with IND or FIND, where the WHOIS "opt-out" check box must be displayed - but only for co.uk, me.uk and org.uk domains.

I think that covers it. If I missed anything please let me know.

If a few others show an interest in this feature request, I will spend some time creating the form exactly how it should be and possibly having the javascript created, to handle the logic.

Comments welcome.

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Here is how the form should look...

JotForm Example


one issue that you haven't mentioned is "account-id" (or contact-id as its called in Web Domain Manager). every .uk domain contact is assigned their own account-id by Nominet - the logic being that they can manage their domains at Nominet easily... but WHMCS doesn't know this number, so when registering a domain (either for a new or existing client), it creates a new one each time... which means, for existing clients, manually logging into Nominet and reassigning their new domain(s) from this new contact to their old one (if details are the same).

so what we may need is a field in the admin clients profile that stores this number (or numbers if customer has multiple Nominet contact profiles)... and an option to add it to the order forms so that when a new registration is submitted (either by a logged in customer or new customer), they have the option to use this number, or leave it blank and create a new contact id.


It's a difficult one that Brian - it might need it's own feature request. I've seen problems on a different system with resellerclub, whereby a customer ID was saved in the customer's profile - but if the domain was moved to a different customer's account, that was lost and there were a few problems. Also - I might be wrong, but I think that with Nominet, the a1-email field has some influence on what Nominet account the domain resides. I think as long as you use the email address associated with the correct account, it will remain under that account. So if hat is the case, there probably wouldn't be any need to add this into WHMCS - but as I said, I could be wrong there.


i'm pretty sure that i'm correct on this (though happy to be corrected if i'm not!) - I registered a .uk domain for an existing client via WHMCS back at the end of March... it would have used the exact same details (including email) as on his previous domains, but he was assigned a new contact ID.

my guess (without reading the EPP documentation) is that when WHMCS submits a registration without a contactID (which it must do as it doesn't know it), then Nominet assigns it a new one.


The Contact ID isn't relevent to this feature request. This is about improving the order process and adding the correct form validation as per the example I provided.


Its a shame to see this has not been integrated yet!

When someone enters ie legal type: LTD company, then leave company box blank, it fails and we have to manually fix and register.


With Nominet's new rules and tightening up data validation, this has to now be essential functionality for WHMCS to remain relevant. For any businesses primarily registering UK Nominet domains, there is a greatly reduced benefit to paying for WHMCS without this - even more so for Nominet registrars.