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New Email Template for Splitting Tickets

Websavers shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

When a ticket is split, there's an option to send a notification to the client. It's great that there's such an option, however when you choose to do so, the notification that is sent is not clear at all. It seems to send the new ticket email notification, with the content from the earliest message in the split thread.

To the client, this looks like you've just accidentally resent the ticket update notification to them for that particular message in the ticket.

Instead, WHMCS should either:

a) Send a completely different ticket notification template, perhaps called: "Support Ticket Split" OR

b) a variable of something like "$ticket_split" should be sent through to the template so that we can put conditionals in the support ticket created template. For example at the top of the notification we could indicate something like "This message has been split from its original thread into a new ticket. Here is the new ticket URL: {$ticket_url}"