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Netcash debit order processing integration

Eugène van der Merwe shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

In South Africa the payment provider of choice for debit orders is Netcash.

What we need is a module that submits debit orders to the Netcash system.

Netcash already provides an extensive API.

The caveat with Netcash is you can't immediately see if a debit order was processed successfully. You wait a few days for "bounces" to come through and then act accordingly. Another complication is that a bounce might come through "at any time" if the client has cancelled their debit order. WHMCS needs to be intelligent enough to pick this up at any time (or daily with the CRON) and then do the appropriate reversal. A notification when a reversal happens would be ideal.

Our company developed a Netcash module many years ago but we would prefer if this is done by WHMCS. How our module works:

On about the 24th of each month we add all unpaid invoices (with payment method debit order) to a batch. This batch is submitted to Netcash. After the 1st of the next month (around the 7th) we log into the report from Netcash. At that point we manually mark all unpaids and run a "confirm batch" operation.

The main problem we have is we cannot use the standard 14 day suspension function in WHMCS any more. We have to set this for 45 days, because the client's invoice might be generated on the 2nd, only processed on the 24th, and marked as paid the following month on the 7th.

So we're always about 60 days behind if we need to suspend.

The other problem is if a client pays using another method between the 24th and the 7th of the next month. These exceptions need to be handled manually and it's a schlep.

If it will help we are willing to part with all the code free of charge of our module so that WHMCS can have a look at what we did.

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SA Host King, I like what you posted, but this lacks some pretty basic functionality.

1. You *have* to submit on the 25th. I want to submit on due date.

2. You *have* to do *manual* recon. So if you've marked something as paid, you have to reverse it. Lots and lots of admin.

The rest of the module seems kind of promising though.


Hi Eugene

Do you still have those files available that you mentioned a while ago in this topic.

None of them is available to download.

Trying to get the SAGE Debit module working again after all the upgrade from 5 to 6.


Hi All Webbis is currently build a module where we read the unpaid invoice and send to netcash we then read them back from netcash and makr them as paid we in a very advance stage of development and would really like it if someone would like to assist in test the module we plan to intergrate not only into Netcash but to all the debit order service in South Africa including the banks.

If anyone want to my details +27 84 944 6808 check our website out.



Webbis is currently Developing a module to intergrate direct with WHMCs and Sage Page/Netcash we in an advanced stage of it and will be supporting not only Sage Pay but all the Bank and debit order companys in South Africa for more info please see http://webbis.co.za/whmcs-support-south-africa-and-the-world/. If anyone want to help us test please call me on +27 84 944 6808 or [email protected]