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MySQL Cluster Support

Nicolaj Rørvig shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

I think it would be nice if we could get MySQL Cluster support for WHMCS

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Just my 2 cents, this works pretty well for us with Galera cluster in a multi-master fashion with a single WHMCS instance connecting to it (haven't tried two yet, but I think that might work too if all instance IP's are under same license). From WHMCS end all you need is to point it at the load balancer IP for the database back-end and don't need to worry which database server receives the write which read query gaining some redundancy level and additional performance from db by adding more nodes to the cluster. With master slave replication things would get a lot complicated from WHMCS end I mean would need to start from splitting read and writes across different servers etc... thus I imagine would take some time consuming development work in WHMCS.