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Multiple Credit Card Support

Sean shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I know this idea was declined 4 years ago, but I'd like to try it again.

1. If you use WHMCS to bill for a variety of services beyond just hosting you clients might demand the ability to use different cards and payment options/ product or service. For example, they might want to charge hosting services to one card. But one off items would get charged on another.

2. A credit card on file might be maxed out one month and a client would prefer to add another card, without necessarily ditching the details of the card they want to use.

3. It's also just plain convenient to be able to store a few cards on file and chose when and how to use them.

The way it stands now, each time you want to use a new card, you have to lose the details of the card on file. It just creates a bit more work for the client.

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I think thats an awesome idea,


WHMCS UI was originally created to show 1 credit card account on file for each client, however this has greatly changed over the years. With the help of payment providers such as Stripe and Auth.net now the client can store several cards AND bank accounts on file.

Current UI does not show the multiple cards on file and worst of all it doesn't even show ANYWHERE (admin or client area) that the client's bank account has been stored on file (through Auth.net eCheck module), therefore this UI and functionality should be updated asap. Here is what I propose:


Replace current "manage credit card" page https://goo.gl/Dfi5uH with a clear and simple way for client to see all payment methods store and add them accordingly. See simple example as to how Stripe does it https://goo.gl/PKtH77

This is also how retailers like Amazon makes it simple for its users to pay (there is a reason why they are big). Instead of "manage credit card" the new page should be called "Payment Methods"


Similarly to the front end we should be able to see the payment methods available for the client, obviously on a secured format (only the last 4 digits). This is what I propose:

Instead of the "credit card information" link create a new box/section called "Payment Methods" or as shown here https://goo.gl/XkKaV5 inside of it you can show it the same way as Stripe does https://goo.gl/PKtH77

Please make this change a priority! - The ability to make it easy for clients and admins to manage payment methods should be TOP priority. Thanks


WHMCS, please provide option to have client store multiple credit cards to be used for various products and/or services in their account. For example, a customer might want to bill their business hosting services on their business credit card while bill a different card for their personal hosting services. Another example is for large purchases, business customers might want to use a different credit card while the recurring monthly costs are billed on another credit card.