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Monthly Billing over a fixed term contract

Andrew Good shared this idea 8 years ago

I would like to bill per month for a product which has a fixed 12 or 24 month term (a term contract would have lower monthly payments than a no term contract.

eg a 12month term contract cost $120, I would like to be able to bill $10 per month and still be able to keep track of how far through the fixed term the client is, currently this is a manual process

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WHMCS John wrote:


The "Auto Terminate/Fixed Term" option under the product Pricing tab can be used to automatically terminate a product after a certain length of time.

What exactly would you like to happen when the contracted term comes to an end?

The "Auto Terminate/Fixed Term" option cancels the service after the initial term. That is not what we want to accomplish. We want to create a Minimum (not maximum) term for the customer that can be paid to us on a monthly basis.


John ... after the fixed term comes to an end the contract would either renew for another fixed term or move onto a monthly rolling (possibly at a different rate)

For example the first 2 years of a product's life we factor in the capex of any equipment that's been provided plus service charges. After the minimum term the capex is covered, so that needs to be removed .. but the service element may have increased due to inflation and we need to be able to continue billing at the new rate - and give the client the opportunity to fix that price for another period of time.

Not a simple "cancel and delete at the end of 24 months"


+1 for this feature.

We really need to have an option to propose a product with a specific period of contract and eventually, add option to propose better price to 36 months than 12 months.

Sometimes, we propose customized offers (for telecom services, for example) with specific setup, specific recurrents and a specific commitment period with specific termination conditions.

I think a WHMCS function to improve the notion of contract termination is really very important, especially if you add a function to "block" the termination before an engagement period or that is unblock only on payment of fees Termination to be determined automatically (for example : fees including months between termination request and date of end of contract) or manually (our sales guy engage discussion with customer and apply specific pricing).