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Monthly Billing of a 12 month contract with extension of 12 month

Richard Kühne shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We need to bill our customers per month with a contract of 12 (or 24 or 36) month runing time with extension of 12 month.

For Example:

A customer has a contract of 12 month running time and the total costs are 1.200 € per year. But the customer needs to pay by month. Now we need to send the customer his invoices every month of 100 €. The contract has a running time of 12 month until the custumer cancel the contract. If the customer don't cancel the contract, the contract extends about 12 month.

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This would be a great feature for us. Having the option of a cancellation done by the customer or admin by the end of the contract. And a contract period can be different from the invoice period.