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Module for sell and control subscriptions

Felipe Santos shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

whmcs is more, and more used for other kind of products and services. For example,

we use whmcs to sell subscriptions. we have 3 plans: one free and 2 paid, we are using api to connect with whmcs

but the status of product is too restrictive and we are struggling our opstions...

will be nice to have a Module to control this such service behavior,

plus "custom products status" integrates with api,

and please this module must be opened (without cryptography) to be customized as wee need.


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# eg. scenario:

- One access plan is free -> So i need product status "Active free"that never expire, and guarantee access to our application. "Account abandoned" 6 months without login ex. "Suspended" and "Terminated",

- Second access plan paid -> Product status: "Pending" payment not approved, "Active" (order and payment approved), "Suspended" for due invoices, "Account abandoned" and "Terminated".

other options:

- Trial for x days paid access plan, than goes to "Free plan" if invoice was not paid