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Minimum overages Billing

decor shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

We need a feature to turn off overages billing if the invoice amount is less that a set $ value.

Adding overages to next invoice is no value when they pay yearly, in some of my cases, they will be slugged in some cases for a huge amount that they will baulk at.

Currently we can automatically invoice for 1 cent, which is very unprofessional

We need a way to set a minimum order value so overages does not bill under a nominated invoice value, eg $5?

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at least a NOTIFICATION to the user is in order.. If set to YEARLY, a monthly notice should go out to users who are exceeding their limits..


I NEED this feature.. I have to print a PAPER invoice for every payment we receive.. Sometimes customers pay 0.50 dollars for overage, and I end up spending a dollar printing and mailing an invoice to them :( :(

In fact, a MAXIMUM limit would also be good.. This looks like a dozen-line fix, why won't they implement it?


The overage feature is deficient without this addition.

Our options are either to surprise the customer at the end of the year with a whopping overage bill (they get no notifications that they are over their limit), or to charge piddly amounts every month and suffer the paperwork.