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Migrate to Stripe Elements Implementation

Brent shared this idea 1 year ago
In Progress

Stripe have implemented a new integration method which supersedes the current Stripe.js method. The new integration is called "Elements" and is based upon hosted input methods.

A new module should be created (or the existing module re-written) to support this new implementation method.

Details are located here: https://stripe.com/docs/elements

The PCI compliance requirements of the Stripe.js implementation method have recently been increased, requiring the completion of an SAQ A-EP evaluation and increasing the costs of compliance. Switching to an Elements implementation would restore back to the simplest Pre-filled SAQ A form: https://stripe.com/docs/security

In addition Stripe have stated that the Stripe.js implementation is depreciated, however no cessation date has been set: https://stripe.com/docs/stripe.js/v2

Best Answer

Hi all,

Thanks for your votes and comments. My main takeaway from this discussion is that the ability to process credit cards via Stripe and make charges at-will - whilst maintaining the easiest Pre-filled SAQ A compliance burden - is your main priority.

Stripe offers two solutions which are marketed to address the desires of this feature request. At this time we are reviewing both to see how well they meet these desires and judging the practicality of implementation.

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What they told me via Disqus is that the Stripe upgrade is something they're looking at, *this year*, and that Stripe is one of, if not the most, popular payment gateway they have.

However, it doesn't excuse the fact that they could have resolved this last year in less than a month of us telling them the importance of this :).


I would like to thank the WHMCS team for the work they are doing on supporting Stripe, as it wasn't a first party option in the past.

I would like to also see congratulations on the 7.7 release, I am now eager to see the next one. Keep up the good work!

My hope is that in the next release a new Stripe implementation will be present, that also supports 3D Secure and the SEPA bank IBAN payment.


Obligatory update needed.