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Mid-Month Service Upgrades

Warren shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We have most clients running on debit order and would like the ability to allow customers to upgrade their services within the current month and then having these upgrades activated immediately without having to mark the upgrade as paid. This upgrade will then get added to their monthly debit batch when next run.

At the moment these upgrades have to be marked as paid and we are missing out on collecting the prorate amounts for that upgrade for the remaining month.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

WHMCS is designed to bill in advance for services, so I'd be interested to understand more about how you're billing clients on debit instead?


We are running a plugin "Debitize" customers are debited up front for their monthly service, but as it is now, if we process an upgrade mid-month, he upgrade wont happen until the new month debit. This defeats the object of a mid-month upgrade.

It would be great to have a post-paid option for this reason as well as term customers.