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Mass Payment Set Due Date Feature

kurieuo shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

When a client merges two invoices into one invoice using the mass payment feature, it sets the due date as the date that they merged them together.

This means a client may receive overdue notices if their payment isn't made/processed within a few days. Which is quite inappropriate -- comes across money scrounging and can cause confusion.

It'd be better if when merging invoices using the "mass payment" feature, I could configure "Mass Payment" to place the due date as the earliest due date of any invoice being merged.

And even further, having a feature to disable notices for "mass payment" invoices altogether under "automation settings" (and just let them be notified via their original due dates on their original invoices).

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I just migrated my 102 customers to this new server in order to user WHMCS, but apparently, this due date have to settted individually, which it will be extremely awful to do.

So, I totally support this idea.

Best regards