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Manually Allocate customer to Affiliate

selwynorren shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi, This has been discussed in the forums before, but I don't recall the outcomes.

I would love the ability to allocate a customer to an affiliate with the requirement of an order.

When I moved from reseller hosting to VPS hosting, I changed service providers. This meant I had to change my WHMCS package. I transfered my customers to teh new WHMCS but lost all the affiliate allocations. Now when I want to allocate specific customers to specific affiliates, but it seems not possible.

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We've had an external company try to fix this for us but due to the encrypted code used in WHMCS the ability to 'fix' this is very limited.

Hey WHMCS please push this up the priority list, even as a paid add on I would pay for it.


Absolutely a must for our business. Please make this a priority asap. Willing to pay as a premium plugin no problem.


I'd like to expand on this suggestion, having a possibility of assigning an account to an affiliate so that all orders in that account before tax and after promo would be gained by the affiliate, we deal more and more with Agencies and they tend to send over new clients, but the clients are setup manually and we manually create the invoices etc for custom billing. So we don't usually create a "manual" order that can be assigned to an affiliate and a lot of the time we enter billable items that can't be assigned. So this might be a two part, adding paid bills to an affiliate and assigning customer accounts to an affiliate. Payment and commissions would use the existing mechanics. Thank you.