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Make the reversal payment feature extensible

Wouter0100 shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

The current reversal payments actions aren't extensible. There isn't any way to hook in the behavior when a payment is reversed.

The fast and quick fix would be to make the `addTransaction` and `addInvoicePayment` hooks behave like they should be (when a transaction is added, all transactions).

A more useful and nicer fix would be to able to add custom actions, toggle-able through the Setup => Automation window, just like the current 2 actions defined (set invoice status and revert product due dates).

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Thanks for your suggestion.

What kind of actions would you like to see be able to configure?


As mentioned in the topic, custom ones, created by us, developers. I have a plenty of customers that want each want to have a different behavior according to there administration. But the most important thing is fixing those hooks.