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Make Branding Removal possible on multiple URLs (One WHMCS installation)

Glenn Rowe shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

This is similar to multi-company support but not really as it is still one WHMCS installation. Multiple company support would entail different logos on invoices, unique email templates, unique cron jobs, etc. That is not what this request is about.

That being said, this is a different request.So here is the deal...

WHMCS values their EULA and so they should. Each license only allows for one installation... and so it should... that is only fair. Doesn't sound like it should be a problem until you consider this...

Let's assume your main company website is http://www.MyCompany.com

Let's also assume that your company serves multiple surrounding cities and that you want to display relevant content based on the city the reader is from.

Let's assume you also register the following domains and have them operate on the same WHMCS installation:





Now you add relevant code to a hook to that checks $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']. On custom templates, display city relevant information based on $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']. Doing so makes the reader feel like you are 'local'. It also pleases search engines as they can index the individual domain with the specific information displayed for that domain.

So far everything is doable and works fine as WHMCS currently is. The problem is that since the branding removal is an add-on, it is bound by the same licence restrictions of the main WHMCS. Currently, although you are able to display different content based on the URL, the branding removal will only work on the original domain.

If the branding removal was a totally different product, it could have it's own license restrictions. It could therefore ignore the domain restriction and only restrict based on IP and directory. Doing so would still restrict the branding removal license to only working on the valid WHMCS license.

I believe this proposal would meet WHMCS' need to protect their EULA but also help the rest of us that want to do a little SEO on our sites. Am I alone is desiring this or does anyone else think this would be a good idea? Maybe you would do it in a different way than I but, is the concept of branding removal on multiple URLs a good one?

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For those interested in knowing how to make the multiple domains work, simple rename the enclosed file from .txt to .php - then edit it to reflect your domains and place it in the includes/hooks directory.

As long as the extra domains are effectively setup as aliases to your main domain, you should be good to go. As mentioned earlier, the only issue you will have is branding removal.... That is what this feature request is about.


Hello. Does your method work for sending appropriately 'branded' invoices and emails, or does it just change the Templates and website 'look' for the clients?

I agree that de-branding the WHMCS is important, but I'm also just curious if your method works to merge several WHMCS installations into one Administration sites and have properly separated invoices, emails, etc.?


No... Just changes the look and if desired, the content of the site based on URL. Invoices etc, are unchanged. I suppose you could get creative with a hook and specify the logo to use just prior to sending the invoice. Maybe base it the client group or some other way of identifying which company the client is a customer of.


All the instructions on how to do something similar to this are in this ebook : http://fr.scribd.com/doc/41978390/1-000-Clients-in-Web-Hosting Take a look at the page #95. I think after doing this, all you will need to do is handle the domain change... why don't you add a link to the new domain in the message that will show up to your end user?


Can you please attach same attachment again, I am unable to download


Hi Glenn thanks for the post very helpful! Could you please post the linked company variable file again as the current link is broken?