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List of answered tickets

Dmitriy Reznichenko shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

When we open the list of Answered tickets ( see screenshort1),

at the top of the page we see all the answered tickets that were

answered by me as a staff and below we see the list of the tickets in

Answered status from the other employees.

I should say that it is not

convenient, because if a person answers 30-40 tickets per day, in a year

the list of the tickets answered by him will be huge and will get

displayed at the top of his page.

In Kayako when we sorted tickets by Status we saw all the tickets in this

status ( answered by all the staff members). See this on the screen2.

Hope you will be able to improve the things which we requested.

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I voted, hope the developers will try to add this feature


This would be a great feature, really looking forward to see it implemented!


Agree, it's a bit inconvenient when answered tickets are displayed in above mentioned way. Voted


Agreed, it's very inconvenient.