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Limiting emails for domainsync.php cron to notifying ONLY when a domain renewal date have been changed.

springs shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be nice if domainsync.php cron ONLY sent off an email IF a domain date was updated or changed. If it remained the same for all 50 domains checked, it really doesn't need to send off an email to my whole admin staff.

I would imagine that this would be a very simple change to make?Currently, per the recommended settings from WHMCS, it runs every 4 hours and sends us an email. My staff have made filters in Outlook that sends this email to the trash. If there was a problem, my staff is unlikely to catch it since they are now filtering this email since each one generally just shows that all domains are "In Sync" which is not very important to be notifed every 4 hours.

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Great request! This would save a lot of time....

Personally I only care out changes and not the 'in sync' messages.