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Licensing addon for desktop application

pat_ads shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be great if the licensing addon could be used for selling and maintaining desktop applications as well as web apps. With SaaS products increasing in popularity, I would use this feature right away!

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I think that there should be an improvement on how licensing addon can handle desktop applications. Something like:

- fields for desktop applications: MAC Address, DB Name, ..

- A way to handle un-installation, and revoke a license to make it not associated with a PC where the customer can use the same license key to install the software on the same machine or other machines.

- Number of installations. Sometimes we want to make a one key for usage by a company, we will set a number of PCs which can use the same license.

- ...


I'm going to say no to this. This is not what WHMCS does or should be doing. It's primarily used by web hosting companies and probably a lot of developers who write their applications in PHP and with WHMCS being written in PHP it makes sense for WHMCS to make some extra cash and provide a useful feature for its developing community.

Desktops are too far away from all this and I don't think it should ever support it.


The Licensing Addon is a great way for non-web hosting providers to utilize the software. Licensing is just one of the fantastic features that WHMCS does.

Personally, I think this is a great idea.


I agree with you on this! WHMCS does a great job with licensing! I use the licensing addon with my WHMCS.


I gave it some more thought and I'm still not convinced this is a feature that's needed.

To clear something up: software you install on a local machine isn't SaaS, at least, generally speaking it isn't. The great thing about SaaS is that you don't need a service like this. You can use the traditional already available features in WHMCS to manage access to the software that runs in a cloud or wherever.

If you want to license desktop applications it shouldn't be too difficult to write something that does a license check on the existing module. In the end it's just a call to a web server. It's not that difficult.

If you are talking about SaaS for hosted applications then that's something you don't need a licensing module for. Use a provisioning module and you'll get the same result.


What we are looking for is something more convenient to use with other type of licensing. Yes, we already did some hooks and addons to handle the desktop licensing for our applications. However, managing these hooks and addons and keep them updated with new WHMCS update which can break something is just put too much overhead.

As the addon is all about licensing (not just web licensing, and not only PHP), we want it to handle these scenarios where no need to code a separate addons and hooks to handle a simple things. Furthermore, We already asked WHMCS to provide a license_check functions on other languages (other than PHP) and we supply our C# code for them to provide it for all licensing addon customers.

If the code of this addon is provided, we can improve it, but as you know the code is encrypted. This give WHMCS an advantage by keeping there code safe and secure, but at the same time more responsibility by providing updates and enhancments to that code.


I think this would be a neat feature for the licensing addon!