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Kayako Fusion Module

Jeremy Maness shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently, unless I'm mistaken, WHMCS 5.x and Kayako Fusion do not work properly without a Third Party or custom designed module. This presents problems for upgrading WHMCS or Kayako if both are being used in the support ticket process.

To my knowledge there are only two options available to resolve this issue:

1. Buy a customized module from a Third Party provider which seems flaky.

2. Create your own module to integrate the two platforms together. A nice feature to have would be a new integration module that works with Kayako Fusion in the way that WHMCS works with Kayako v3. Why should we have to pay for a third party module or spend time creating our own module when WHMCS used to offer this for free?Just a thought.

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There is already a integration module develop by kayako. You can see it here:


+1000, the built in ticket system is very basic and not very usable for many people who already have a lot of time invested in Kayako FUSION or others. And honestly WHMCS need to concentrate of being a billing system and instead integrate with 3rd party ticket systems that work well. Not just Kayako but also the other most popular ones such as Zen Desk, desk.com, SmarterTicket.

The current integration with Kayako provided by them is useless, all it does is give a login share, all the stuff in the client area still uses the built in ticket system, KB etc.

At the very least it needs to be posisble to TURN OFF the built in tickets, announcements and KB and link to your external solution.


+1000 here also

The built in ticket is too basic, it has so much missing. People have been requesting more for years, and it obviously has no priority for the developers, so integration with better systems would be best,