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iWHMCS iPhone App - alert function

Tres Cunningham shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Since we cant get WHMCS/Freeradius to work together to set up user accounts automatically, I must hand approve and hand-setup each new user account.

Since I am running my web service in addition to my full-time job, I am not in front of my WHMCS installation all the time so this creates a huge time lag between user sign-ups and when I can hand approve their order. Thus I have purchased the WHMCS iPhone App and found to try to service my customers better, but found that it is not very mobile/intuitive.

It seems quite basic, but it would really help to have an alert function of some kind that uses IOS notification system to tell me that a new order has come in, otherwise I have to regularly/randomly reopen WHMCS App when I remember to, and even then its often late and I end up making new customers wait until I realize that they have ordered some services and are waiting for approval.

Thus, I request that you add an alert/notification function to the WHMCS iPhone App to alert when new orders come in.