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Invoice option to list the total discount on one line at bottom instead of for each service line.

Greg Williams shared this idea 1 year ago
Currently Declined

After updating to 7.8.3, the group client discount is now itemized for each product. For some of our clients this results in multiple pages for an invoice, basically twice as long, which nobody likes - us or the client. We give group discounts to our best customers and prior to this update the Client Discount line on the invoice was a single line item at the bottom. I understand that this was due to tax calculations, but some of us do not have taxes. An option to have it as a single line at the bottom, like it used to be, is a far cleaner way to do this.



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Hi there,

It is necessary to calculate discounts on a per-line basis in order to correctly account for tax. A single invoice can contain multiple items some of which may be taxed and some may not.

Without this, discounts for multiple line items would be lumped together, and all marked as taxable, even though the items being discounted may not all be taxable. This skews the tax calculation, effectively untaxing items that weren't taxed to begin with.

As a result we aren't currently considering changing this behaviour.