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Invoice Generation in advanced per Client basis

Anonymous shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

By default, all my monthly invoices are sent out 2 weeks (14 days) before they're due. This works fine for most of my clients. However, some clients would like to receive their invoices one month before due, so that they can process them through their accounting systems in time to pay them - is there any way to customise how far in advance automated invoices are sent on a 'per-client' basis?

If not, I think that this feature would be great in a future release of WHMCS - or if anyone knows how to write an addon to do this, I would be willing to pay for it (though from searching through developer docs, I can't see a way to do so as of yet...?)

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I didn't see this ahead of time and I made a similar request:


One of the competitors has this features and it's incredibly useful. Please add this to WHMCS!


Really need this!


Yes needed for certain clients usually large bureaucratic organisations.