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Internal (staff) project management system

Private Person shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We are working with alot of internal support, sales and billing staff but also with external staff, such as data center people and freelance staff (designers, coders etc.). It has been a battle to get everything organized when communicating through cluttered emails. It would be great to have a internal project management system on WHMCS that allows to open new projects inside of the company and all the messages would be neatly organized as with support ticket system.

For each project we could invite either internal or external staff (by entering email address or choosing staff members). Everyone related to the project would always get an email notification when the project ticket is updated and the system would send automatic reminders if the contact fails to answer the ticket in time.

This feature would also include a graphical calender where you could assign tasks for certain staff members or external contacts to take care of. As with tickets, the system would send reminder emails to staff related to the project if the task is not marked "closed".

The system is also a great tool for internal messaging since many web hosting providers have staff in different locations. This way everyone can participate in group conversations and give their ideas for improving the services.

I believe after this feature sending emails would become worthless inside of the company! :) Please comment if you have more to add!