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Improved bundle functionality

Worksforweb Sales shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

There should be an ability to create bundles by combining any product, addon, or service in any combination and number. I should be able to combine two addons in a single bundle, or three addons and one service, for ex.

Each bundle should have its own name displayed on a shopping cart product list, and it should list all the components thereof, with individual prices and quantities for each component shown underneath the bundle name. There should be a total cost for the bundle and a display of savings compared to the total original price of all bundle components.

This is an extremely important marketing function, and most sellers should welcome this feature, as the current implementation of the bundle functionality is fragmented at best.

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+100. Current bundle functionality, even three years after this idea was posted, still leaves a lot to be desired.

It would also be great if while going through the steps to add and configure the various components of the bundle, that clients saw some sort of message indicating they were configuring a bundle.

For example, right now when adding hosting plans as part of a bundle, the process is exactly the same as adding a hosting plan without a bundle. At the top of these pages, when configuring a bundle, it should say something to indicate that the hosting plan being configured is being configured as part of a bundle.

For bundle pricing, we need more options. We should be able to set pricing on the bundle level, instead of the individual product level. Right now the only way to change prices in a bundle is to use the price override feature. But that can't be done for things like ID protect, or domain addons. So it would be good if on the main bundle configuration screen for each bundle, we could set other pricing options like "Save 10%". So that no matter what was in the bundle, or what configurable options were chosen, the bundle discount of 10% was applied.

We need the ability to apply bundle discounts to addons like ID Protect.

It would also be good if we could limit the options shown during bundle ordering to ones that qualify for the bundle. For example, if I have a bundle that requires a yearly hosting plan, when a user clicks the link to set up that bundle and they get to the hosting set up page, they shouldn't see an option to order hosting on a monthly billing cycle. When purchased outside of a bundle I offer both annual, and monthly, hosting plans, but as part of the bundles I only offer annual plans to qualify. So when ordering a bundle that requires an annual hosting plan, it shouldn't show the monthly option. it just leads to errors where users get to the cart to see a message that they don't qualify for the bundle, so they have to go back and change the billing cycle back to annual anyways.

Those were just the things I could think of off the top of my head.