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Improved auto-detection of email routing

Ross Gerring shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Arguably this is a bug report....

We see too many instances where the "Automatically Detect Configuration" for email routing gets it wrong in the "Edit DNS" function of WHMCS.

E.g. The authoritative DNS zone file for a domain (which is typically NOT the local DNS zone file) is clearly pointing to a remote mail server, but the automatic detection sets this to local. Result: local mail (e.g. from a form) accumulates on the default/catch-all POP account of the hosting account instead of being delivered to the remote mail server. Not very happy client!

We'd like to see this feature be more intelligent:

1. Work out which is the authoritative DNS zone file for the domain.

2. Check the MX records of the authoritative DNS zone file, and work out if any of them match on any local IPs.... or words to that effect.


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Are you sure you are talking about WHMCS?