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Improved account auditing between WHMCS and cPanel

Jo Stonehouse shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

As cPanel and WHMCS work on deeper integration, we would welcome a system of improved account auditing between the two systems so as to avoid situations where accounts remain on the server either due to failed auto termination, or where there are package, owner or username mismatches between WHMCS and cPanel.

Whilst the 'WHM Import' function in WHMCS is useful, the tool itself doesn't go far enough, and is particularly unhelpful when it comes to reseller servers where the majority of sites on the server will not exist in WHMCS.

We would like to see an improved audit system that identified by regular report:

- Accounts which exist on server, which do not exist in WHMCS

- Accounts which have a package mismatch between the server and WHMCS

And in the case of reseller owned accounts:

- Accounts which are owned by a user who does not exist as a reseller in WHMCS

I'd also suggest that on the service details page in WHMCS, that an error is reported in that screen in the event that the username does not exist on the server, in the same way that a domain would show an error message if it did not exist at the registry.

The issue of orphan accounts in particular is very serious, and it is too easy for accounts to not be properly terminated by WHMCS, and for this to happen without notification to the host. The implication of this is that these accounts may remain active, unknown to both the host and the end user, and may contain sensitive data and/or outdated software which could be exploited.

I'd welcome feedback and suggestions from WHMCS and users of WHMCS who share our concerns.