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Improve Knowledgebase Suggestions when opening a support ticket

GeorgeS shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I've noticed that the Knowledgebase Suggestions offered up by WHMCS when submitting a ticket are often not relevant to what's being typed.

For example, if you visit submitticket.php and type in "How do I install an SSL certificate?", you'll see results that do not even mention those keywords, meanwhile articles that are actually relevant are not shown at all.

WHMCS technical support suggested I open a feature request to have this improved:

"We use MySQL full text searching to find suggestions, due to this the system works best when articles have more than 30 words, and more than 5 articles in each category.

I suspect MySQL full text search may be struggling to match to articles with shorter content which may explain the results you're seeing."

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This is a big problem, making the knowledge base search useless as customer submits a ticket when they cannot find the answer in knowledge base.