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Increase the number of decimals for the currency exchange exchange rate

GLopez shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Right now the system allows up to 5 decimals when you set the exchange rate to the USD. For some countries this might not be enough.

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This is really important for us as well!


For Iranians Maximum number of digits is not enough because each USD = 150,000 IRR!!! so you should change your column to decimal(14,7).

as you know H.D.D storage is very cheap now a days but this Limitation make exchange rate useless feature for us in whmcs.


Our main pricing is VND so 1 vnd = 0.000044 USD today. Let see 3 scenarios as below:

First case: 1 vnd = 0,00004

240,000 vnd x 0.00004 = 9.6 USD - this is really low - we sale at lost.

Second case: 1 vnd = 0.000044

240,000 vnd x 0.000044 = 10.56 USD - this is acceptable rate.

Third case: 1 vnd = 0.00005

240,000 vnd x 0.00005 = 12 USD - this is really high - client refuse to made transaction with this rate.

Please add support 6 decimals urgent.