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Hold small charges until a minimum has been reached

Lawrence Seltzer shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

My clients are billed for using extra disk space, but the numbers are minimal. One client was charged 6 cents last month, and another was charged 7 cents - and this amount was charged automatically on the credit card! I would like to be able to define a minimum billing amount (e.g. $15), and all charges below this amount would simply accrue in the client's account. There might even be an option to determine if the clients should even see these minimal bills as they accrue, or perhaps only after the minimum has been reached. Then when this minimum was reached, the client's credit card would be charged (and with the additional option, the invoice would also be sent out when this minimum was reached).

Thank you.

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Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for your suggestion. Have you considered using the following Overage Billing Charge option:

  • Calculate on the last day of the month but include on the next invoice to generate for the client

This can be selected under Setup > Automation Settings, and sounds like it would resolve the problem you describe.