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Historical Income Forecast with variable start date

ETT shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration


I would like an improved, customized Income Forecast report as follows...

Add the ability to select a past date/filter. Then show the report starting from that date, while filtering out income from any orders/signups after that date.

The effect would be to view the income forecast roughly as it appeared at any point in the past.

If that is doable, we could take things one step further, by adding a comparison to either the current date's forecast, or to a 2nd variable date.

This would allow us to compare income forecast changes between two points in time.

A third and ultimate option, would be the ability to set two points in time, and show the income forecast total at each month between the two points plotted on a graph. This would show the change in forecast on a monthly basis over that time period, taking into account the sales/cancelations made over that period.

Thanks! :)

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There is no need to ask for specific report,

I think that the best option is to create a report generator that will enable us to create any report we want.

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