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Hide addons from cart and in addition do not allow customer to adquire them by themselves

José Carlos Cruz Parra shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

By now it is possible to hide an addon from order, this way when you visit parent product in your shop (cart.php), hidden addon is not shown. This is made unchecking "show in order" from the addon properties.

However, the addon still visible in addons list (cart.php?gid=addons).

We request a way to hide an addon from addons list too. It could simply be a new checkbox option in addon properties.

From client area, customers will see all adquired addons as usual, we only need to can hide certain addon(s) from order and cart, and in addition not to allow customers buy those hidden addons by themselves, so only our technical team can add any of these addons to a customer.