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Apply Late Fees to invoices in "Payment Pending" status

Phil Midgley shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I have some cases where for whatever reason, the clients Direct Debit has failed the first attempt.

The fail status has been captured in WHMCS Log and it then automatically sets GoCardless to re-attempt the payment.

However normally the failure of the payment is due to the clients lack of funds. And as such they should still be liable to late fees as they did not pay the invoice on time.

Can we amend the automation process so that where an invoice is set to the GoCardless gateway, and is in a "Payment Pending" status that it is still subject to Late Fees. (Or have an option in Gateway Config that we can enable this)

Currently I'm having to manually revert the status to "Unpaid" so that its picked up by the automation and fees are applied.