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Custom forms when developing tokenised merchant modules

Cas Eliëns shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


I'm working on a payment gateway module where the gateway does not support embedding. In fact, they explicitly forbid embedding their content in an iframe. This makes implementing it as a tokenised gateway very difficult.

I would like to be able to show the user a form where I handle the submission myself (perhaps by submitting the form to the same page so I can access the POST variables in some other function) instead of it being submitted into an iframe.

Currently, I got the gateway working kind of by simply doing a get request to the gateway page that is then blocked, resulting in a white page (fortunately) and then showing a link below it where the user clicks to be forwarded to the merchant page.

It is now very difficult to implement the complete functionality of this gateway, since I cannot have any form on the page without it being submitted into an iframe where I cannot process the input any further.

TL;DR: Instead of forcing developers to work with a form that gets submitted into an iframe with the _remoteinput function for a gateway module, let us show a page with a form that the customer then submits to the same page. This way, we can process the customer input ourselves and decide how to call the gateway API to do what we want it to do.