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Give a Note in Each Product on My Product & Services List to Identify Same Product

Aulia Rahman shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be great if We can add some note in the product list to identify the same product that our client subscibe.

Because I need this for the same product that our client subscribe, I sell internet link so the product are same but it's for different location/site so our client and I need to know from the product/service list without click the product to see the product detail.

Imagine if our client have 100+ same product about the internet link that he subscribe then he only see the name of product without knowing for where the specific site that product come from. I think it's better have some note instead we must click one by one the product to see the product detail.

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Hi there.

Thanks for your suggestion.

The value entered in the "Domain" field of a service is displayed here in the client area. So you could enter the note into the Domain field to help clients and staff differntiate between servives.


Okay nice tips, but it just for a workaround, right ?