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GetInvoice to return billing contact if assigned

Abdelkarim Mateos Sanchez shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We are develop and Gateway for working with SAGE Accounting program.

GetInvoice return only ID of owner of invoice but not return id of contact of legal contact.

If any customer of WHMCS needs working with automate system for accounting get a terrible problem.

For example:

- Customer is a CEE ROI Customer.

- Contact for invoices is other, with same legal type (CEE ROI)

- You must put this invoice in special account for special treatment with VAT .

- But WHMCS return incorrect data, and you assign this type of invoice to other legal person.

WHMCS work fine (+/-) with invoices on dashboard but not with API.

My current workaround process for return correct data with this api, is:

  1. Get invoice
  2. Get client details
  3. With billingcid new consut for get GetContacts
  4. Programming a new search with results because API has not method for GetContacts by Id

It would be beneficial if the billing contact ID and detials were returned by the GetInvoice API command.

Best regards